Baxter Research Robot

Baxter Research Robot
Oct 17, 2013
The Baxter Research Robot is a complete platform for less than $30k and a must-have for your next research project.


Baxter brewing coffee

Baxter is an entirely new type robot that is redefining the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments. It performs a variety of repetitive production tasks – all while safely and intelligently working next to people.  How?  Baxter exhibits behavior-based ‘common sense,’ capable of sensing and adapting to its task and its environment.

How Rethink Robotics Built Its New Baxter Robot Worker
Rodney Brooks’s new start-up wants to spark a factory revolution with a low-cost, user-friendly robot
By Erico Guizzo, Evan Ackerman  /
October 2012

The Baxter Robotic Platform for Industry from Rethink Robotics – RoboBusiness 2012
by Terry Knight
on November 01, 2012

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