Project Ultra

stageProject Ultra: Bolt!
by TroLenyu. Jan 2015
All instructions are in the game itself (user is transparently trained)


Flappy Bird

Inside the Brief Life and Untimely Death of Flappy Bird
Wired. Feb. 12, 2014

This infuriating game was garnering more varied reactions and passionate discussions than any iOS game in recent memory.
CNN struggled to explain what makes Flappy Bird so addictive.
Game critics declared that the game proved that nobody truly knows what players want.
CNET called it “the embodiment of our descent into madness.”

Flappy Bird Scratch Edition
by RememberNovember
January 2014


Platform Game

Mr. Nose’s Adventure

Pen Hero

A Bit of Luck

Boo & Bot
by Australia 123. Jan 2015
innovation: starts with a story

Avoid the Fire 3
bug: Space does not work until double-click on game

Double Run
Jan 2015

completely rendered by pen