Person + right-time computer =

Person + right-time computer = New person
From Apples to Augmented Cognition
Current & Future Mobile Trends
Paul Golding, 2011

A “fundamental theorem” of biomedical informatics.
J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):169-70.


Algorithms: extending the power of the human mind

Algorithms: The Ever-Growing, All-Knowing Way Of The Future
May 14, 2012

If the Industrial Revolution was about extending the power of human muscle with inventions like the car, then the computer revolution is about extending the power of the human mind — and algorithms are the key to its success.

what would happen if Google Maps knew that you were looking for a new car. Maybe when you looked up directions to a party, it would suggest a route that passes right past a dealership.

… What worries him most is that we humans haven’t yet evolved to be as wary of algorithms as we are of used car salesmen.


Humans + Machines = Ultimate Intelligence
Andrew Fryer
4 May 2016