Waller & Rubinstein Role Play Talking to Patients on Opioids

Corey Waller & Andrea Rubinstein Role Play Talking to Patients on Opioids (9/22/2016)
California Health Care Foundation
Nov 3, 2016

These two doctors, an addiction medicine specialist and a pain specialist, role-play talking to patients on high doses of opioids to demonstrate best communication strategies to engage the patient in tapering opioid use. Dr. Corey Waller is an addiction medicine specialist and a medical director at Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. Dr. Andrea Rubinstein is director of pain medicine at Kaiser Permanente. They spoke at the CHCF-supported Opioid Safety Convening in Oakland, California, in September 2016.


Opioid Overdose: Harm Reduction
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH)


Office-based Buprenorphine Treatment for OUD

Office-based Buprenorphine Treatment for OUD
Sep 27, 2018
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH)


Dr. Corey Waller on Prescribing Buprenorphine for Chronic Pain (9/22/2016)
California Health Care Foundation


Transdermal buprenorphine and fentanyl patches in cancer pain
Aug 20, 2017
Dove Medical Press

Opioid-induced hyperalgesia

When Opioids Make Pain Worse
March 3, 2018
…I began to notice a strange pattern. These hypersensitive patients often had a history of using opioids.

“… there are limitations to any biological system, and if you exceed them, then bad things will happen,” he says. “And one of those things may be opioid-induced hyperalgesia.”

America’s 8-Step Program for Opioid Addiction

America’s 8-Step Program for Opioid Addiction
Sept. 30, 2017

Opioid addiction has developed such a powerful grip on Americans that some scientists have blamed it for lowering our life expectancy.

Drug overdoses, nearly two-thirds of them from prescription opioids, heroin and synthetic opioids, killed some 64,000 Americans last year, over 20 percent more than in 2015. That is also more than double the number in 2005, and nearly quadruple the number in 2000


Deadly Opioid Overwhelms First Responders And Crime Labs in Ohio
September 25, 2016

Heroin isn’t new in Cincinnati, but the recent surge in overdoses is being blamed on an even more potent drug called carfentanil. It’s 100 times stronger than fentanyl, a more common synthetic opioid that is itself much stronger than heroin. Carfentanil is used to sedate elephants. It can be dangerous to even touch it without gloves.




Maryland Switches Opioid Treatments, And Some Patients Cry Foul
July 19, 2016

Maryland’s Medicaid program removed Suboxone film — a drug that can be used by people addicted to opioids to keep their cravings at bay — from the state’s list of preferred drugs and replaced it with a tablet form of the medication called Zubsolv.