Universitat de Barcelona: Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample

Virus in Barcelona, March 2019
June 29, 2020
Dr. John Campbell

Detectan el SARS-CoV-2 en aguas residuales recogidas en Barcelona el 12 marzo de 2019
Universitat de Barcelona. June 26, 2020

Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows
June 26, 2020



“Remember that sometimes people come into your life so you can meet their friends.”
― Tracy A Malone

“If everyone just accepted you the way you are, then, probably, you’d still be the way you were. So for anyone who didn’t accept you at one point, just give ’em a smile in your heart and say, “Thank You”!”
― Ufuoma Apoki


Jim O’Neill > How long it will take to recover (6/23/20)

What’s Next For The U.S. Economy: Jim O’Neill
June 23, 2020

Jim O’Neill says successful companies in the future won’t just focus on maximizing profits but will prioritize environmental and social issues, too. The former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management discusses how governments around the world have an opportunity to address the quality of employment and income inequality in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s Next For The U.S. Economy: Mohamed El-Erian
June 17, 2020

James Blunt

James Blunt – Monsters [Official Video]
Jan 15, 2020
James Blunt

James Blunt “You’re Beautiful” & “Bonfire Heart” – Nobel Peace Prize Concert
Nobel Peace Prize Concert