What Sparks Creativity?

What Sparks Creativity?
TTBOOK. February 9, 2019

Alma Mahler: ‘Malevolent Muse’ or Early Feminist Composer?
… she’d have to argue with Freudian analysis that her desire made her “hysterical.”



What separates your mind from an animal’s?

Inside Animal Minds
September 4, 2016

What separates your mind from an animal’s?
It’s a question we’ve all asked, but renowned primatologist Frans de Waal says there’s no point trying to rank who’s smarter or dumber in the animal world.
In fact, he believes there’s no clear dividing line between humans and the rest of the animal world.

Being a Beast

Living Like A Beast
September 4, 2016

What’s it like to be a badger?
British naturalist Charles Foster wanted to know, so he dug a burrow and lived in the darkness, eating worms. Yup, it was kind of disgusting, but he says the experience brought him closer to the wildness within himself.


“Let Us Pretend”

“Let Us Pretend”
December 27, 2015 / September 4, 2016

When evangelical Christians say they talk to God, what do they mean?
Anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann wanted to find out, so she spent two years as a participant observer in a Charismatic church, talking to the congregation and even praying herself.
She says prayer involves cultivating the imagination. Luhrmann also describes her cross-cultural study of schizophrenics who hear voices.

Charles Monroe-Kane

Did God Talk to Me?
December 27, 2015 / September 4, 2016

TTBOOK producer and interviewer Charles Monroe-Kane started hearing voices when he was a child. He became a child preacher once he thought God was talking to him. Years later Charles realized those voices were the product of mental illness, though he says there was something “beautiful” about hearing those voices.

What’s especially interesting?

Writing Restaurants with Michelle Wildgen
October 8, 2014

In her novel “Bread and Butter,” Michelle Wildgen takes us behind the scenes at two upscale restaurants owned by brothers.  Sibling rivalry has never been so delicious.

6:20 What’s especially interesting?
What I’m asking is: You know this kitchen, or you should. I expect for you to say “Everything is great.” but I wanna know what is especially well done.

Deadening conversation with music

The Novelist and the Cook – Alice Waters and Michelle Wildgen
October 8, 2014

Novelist Michelle Wildgen shares a conversation about food, art, and the creative imagination with chef and food activist Alice Waters, founder of the legendary Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse.

puritan ideas: individuality, hard work. We forget about pleasure.

values that have been with us since the beginning of time

Fast food culture: it’s trying to cutt off, deaden conversation with music

Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World

Jonathan Sterne on How Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World
November 22, 2015

For as closely linked as the voice is to our body and sense of identity, there are also a lot of external forces affecting our voices, both social and technological. In fact, when we’re talking about mediated voices—voices we hear in music, film, and of course, on the radio—we’re actually not talking about “voices” any more. We’re talking about signal processing. And, as media historian Jonathan Sterne tells Craig Eley, signal processing shapes the sound of all vocal media, from your telephone calls to the music of T-Pain.