What Sparks Creativity?

What Sparks Creativity?
TTBOOK. February 9, 2019

Alma Mahler: ‘Malevolent Muse’ or Early Feminist Composer?
… she’d have to argue with Freudian analysis that her desire made her “hysterical.”


What separates your mind from an animal’s?

Inside Animal Minds
September 4, 2016

What separates your mind from an animal’s?
It’s a question we’ve all asked, but renowned primatologist Frans de Waal says there’s no point trying to rank who’s smarter or dumber in the animal world.
In fact, he believes there’s no clear dividing line between humans and the rest of the animal world.

Being a Beast

Living Like A Beast
September 4, 2016

What’s it like to be a badger?
British naturalist Charles Foster wanted to know, so he dug a burrow and lived in the darkness, eating worms. Yup, it was kind of disgusting, but he says the experience brought him closer to the wildness within himself.


“Let Us Pretend”

“Let Us Pretend”
December 27, 2015 / September 4, 2016

When evangelical Christians say they talk to God, what do they mean?
Anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann wanted to find out, so she spent two years as a participant observer in a Charismatic church, talking to the congregation and even praying herself.
She says prayer involves cultivating the imagination. Luhrmann also describes her cross-cultural study of schizophrenics who hear voices.

Charles Monroe-Kane

Did God Talk to Me?
December 27, 2015 / September 4, 2016

TTBOOK producer and interviewer Charles Monroe-Kane started hearing voices when he was a child. He became a child preacher once he thought God was talking to him. Years later Charles realized those voices were the product of mental illness, though he says there was something “beautiful” about hearing those voices.