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How to get better at the things you care about
Eduardo Briceño
Feb 23, 2017

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3:22 Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson, a professor of Psychology at Florida State University: deliberate practice

Skills coach


The Majority Is Always Wrong (Paul Rulkens)

Why the majority is always wrong
Paul Rulkens
Oct 21, 2014

Paul Rulkens is an expert in achieving big goals in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. Originally trained as a chemical engineer, he has moved his focus to the fascinating field of high performance.

The majority is always wrong, when it comes to high performance

1% a day

How to achieve your greatness in life: Chatri Sityodtong at TEDxSingaporeManagementUniversity
Dec 17, 2013

Chatri Sityodtong is a self-made business leader, global investor, and motivational speaker. His lifelong passion for martial arts has seen him fight professionally in over 30 fights across different disciplines for over 20 years, and even open his own Mixed Martial Arts academy.

13:28 Try to improve yourself 1% a day every single day, so that you are better today than yesterday.
The power of self-improvement

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16:23 Imagine a world where … everyone has a desire for continuous self-improvement


How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals
Stephen Duneier | TEDxTucson
Mar 6, 2017

Personal Life Contracts

Personal Life Contracts – Being Accountable To Yourself
Joel Fotinos
Posted on: September 30, 2015
Interview Date: 5/28/2015

Contracts are used to lay out expectations and responsibilities of the parties involved. We take them very seriously in business and law. Fotinos believes that we should take our own goals just as seriously and create personal contracts to hold ourselves accountable in our pursuit of excellence. His philosophy is that once we make clear the responsibilities for our part of the contract, we set success in motion. “Energy follows action. We can say what we want all day long, we can yearn, we can hope, we can read, we can understand it intellectually, but until action happens, nothing happens.” Fotinos shares his methods and ideas for committing to a Personal Life Contract, such as finding a group or person to connect with throughout the process. He further explains that there are different components in a contract and we can only control our part. When we do that, life or spirit will do its part. “Our side of the contract is to decide what it is, to get clear and then to make a decision, take action, be consistent and persistent.” He suggests that when we let go of control of the “how” and the “when” the results happen more quickly than we expect. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

Joel Fotinos is a vice president at Penguin Random House Publishers and publisher of the Tarcher/Penguin imprint. He’s also a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Joel Fotinos is the author and coauthor of several books including:
◦The Prayer Chest: A Novel About Receiving All of Life’s Riches (coauthor August Gold) (Doubleday Religion 2007)
◦Multiply Your Blessings: A 90 Day Prayer Partner Experience (Hampton Roads 2012)
◦Little Daily Wisdom: 365 Inspiring Bible Verses to Change Your Life (Paraclete Press 2009)
◦Think and Grow Rich Starter Kit (coauthors Napoleon Hill, August Gold) (Tarcher 2014)
◦The Think and Grow Rich Journey: Enhance and Enrich Your Path to Success (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013)
◦My Life Contract: 90-Day Program for Prioritizing Goals, Staying on Track, Keeping Focused, and Getting Results (Weiser Books 2014)

To learn more about the work of Joel Fotinos go to http://www.joelfotinos.com.

Topics explored in this dialogue include:
◦ What is a Life Contract
◦ How can we create a Life Contract
◦ What is a Mastermind Partnership or Group
◦ What is the difference between your purpose and life’s purpose
◦ Why is it important to prioritize
◦ What is a contract map
◦ How can we stay on track and take the right actions
◦ What does it mean to be consistent and persistent
◦ What do we have to do every day during our contract
◦ Is the path to success linear
◦ What does it mean to be accountable



Chick-Fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy Dies At 93
September 8, 2014
He was inspired as a teen by Napoleon Hill’s motivational tome Think and Grow Rich, whose mantra was — you can achieve whatever your mind can conceive.

Think and Grow Rich (1937) Napoleon Hill.

A Lifetime “Must Read” Books List
Update 03/08

It must be right

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October 6, 2015

You’re sitting in a room and people say things.
I would think “I don’t know if I would have known that! But he said it so … strongly. It must be right, you know?”
It took me a long time to realize that these guys didn’t actually know any more than I did.
They just believed in what they thought.

Ayah (littleBits)

They did care more than you ever, ever realized

Rich Kid, Poor Kid: For 30 Years, Baltimore Study Tracked Who Gets Ahead
August 07, 2014

Houser didn’t realize it at the time, but he thinks his parents did a pretty good job with him.
“There comes a point where … it was even before I had a kid, you realize they did a damn good job, and they actually did care more than you ever, ever realized, and that’s a powerful thing when you realize that,” he says.
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the Hopkins researchers undertook a massive study. They followed nearly 800 kids in Baltimore — from first grade until their late-20s.

They found that a child’s fate is in many ways fixed at birth — determined by family strength and the parents’ financial status.

The kids who got a better start — because their parents were married and working — ended up better off. Most of the poor kids from single-parent families stayed poor.

Just 33 children — out of nearly 800 — moved from the low-income to high-income bracket.

JHU note:

a novel based in Baltimore: