The Big Rewind: A Memoir Brought to You by Pop Culture

Author Reveals The Dark Secret Of ‘The Big Rewind’
July 28, 2009

In The Big Rewind: A Memoir Brought to You by Pop Culture, Rabin describes being abandoned by his mother, suffering severe depression and spending time in a mental hospital. His story is about staying sane by connecting with pop culture …

SIEGEL: Your story, the story of your book, it’s very funny. It’s very profane. It’s also very dark, very dark. Do you ever expect to find a film that connects with adolescent dread and anomie as it really is …?

Mr. RABIN: Well, I think the piece of art that probably captures that the most is “Catcher in the Rye,” …


“Third Wave” of CBT

CBT_3rdwaveIntroduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Apr 9 – Sep 30, 2018


Operant conditioning

Investigating the Similarities and Differences between Practitioners of Second and Third Wave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
Lily A. Brown, et al.
Behav Modif. 2011 Mar; 35(2): 187–200.