Negation in Ontologies

Inconsistencies, Negations and Changes in Ontologies
Proceeding of the 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Boston, US, July 16-20, 2006. AAAI.
Giorgos Flouris, Zhisheng Huang, Jeff Z. Pan, Dimitris Plexousakis, Holger Wache

An introduction to Description Logics and Ontology Languages
Magdalena Ortiz
June 2016

Das Nicht im Satz

Combining Ontologies with Rules (Two Different Worlds?)


    • Viruses do not have any capacity for locomotion and, therefore, the collision event is simply a random process determined by diffusion.
      {Sherris Medical Microbiology, 7e © 2018 > Chapter 6: Viruses—Basic Concepts > VIRUS REPLICATION CYCLE Adsorption or Attachment}
    • a significant difference between Na+ and Ca2+ is the absence of Ca2+ reabsorption in the collecting duct.
      {The Big Picture Physiology: Medical Course & Step 1 Review, 2e © 2020 > Chapter 6: Renal Physiology and Acid-Base Balance > RENAL CALCIUM HANDLING}
    • It lacks diuretic effect, apparently because it lacks a sulfonamide group.
      {MeSH > diazoxide}
    • Penicillamine is an α-amino acid metabolite of penicillin, although it has no antibiotic properties.
      {, 2021}
    • somatic sensation refers to the sensations of touch or pressure, vibration, joint position, pain, and temperature, and to more complex functions that rely on these primary sensory modalities (eg, two-point discrimination, stereognosis, graphesthesia);
      it excludes special senses such as smell, vision, taste, and hearing.
      {Clinical Neurology, 11e © 2021}
    • Anaerobic bacteria are not associated with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.
      {Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2021 > 15-09: Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis}
    • The left dorsalis pedis and posterior tibialis pulses were not palpable.
      {Patient Management in the Telemetry/Cardiac Step-Down Unit © 2020 > Ch 8: Peripheral Artery Disease}
    • Ultrasound showed no evidence of cholecystitis.
      {Textbook of Complex General Surgical Oncology, © 2018}


Writing an academic CV

Writing an academic CV in English: 7 tips
17 Jul 2018

This is what Google learned after interviewing one job candidate 16 times, according to Eric Schmidt
Nov 19 2018

How to Make Great CVs for Academia and Beyond
Rui Pires Martins
Nature careers 2019

February 2021

Heat Making You Lethargic?

Reduced cognitive function during a heat wave among residents of non-air-conditioned buildings: An observational study of young adults in the summer of 2016
PLOS Medicine, July 10, 2018
Jose Guillermo Cedeño Laurent, et al.

journalistic version:
Heat Making You Lethargic? Research Shows It Can Slow Your Brain, Too
July 16, 2018