Cognitive Abilities Test™ Forms 7 and 8

reflect cognitive development
correlate with achievement tests

normative comparisons: a frame of reference for the score
e.g. Age 7 years, 1 month >< Age 7 years, 2 months

emphasizes general cognitive abilities and reasoning skills for achieving instructional objectives
measures general and abstract inductive and deductive reasoning (verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal or figural reasoning)
informs teachers how to adapt instruction
if a student got all the easy items wrong and got all the hardest items correct, we might have lower confidence in their score and therefore a wider confidence interval around it

16:00 primary use: differentiating instruction
18:20 CogAT Screening Form
General Instructional Suggestions for All Students with a Median Stanine of 4, 5, or 6
Practice on low-level skills can free working memory for higher-level processing.