Pygmalion (1938)

Pygmalion (1938)

The Pygmalion Effect and the Power of Positive Expectations
Sep 25, 2011

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CRM Learning
Jul 7, 2008

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University of Colorado Boulder
Feb 3, 2020

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Expectations can influence performance

Sep. 17, 2012

‘Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition’

But just how do expectations influence IQ?

As Robert Rosenthal did more research, he found that expectations affect teachers’ moment-to-moment interactions with the children they teach in a thousand almost invisible ways.
Teachers give the students that they expect to succeed more time to answer questions, more specific feedback, and more approval: They consistently touch, nod and smile at those kids more.

Say Billy is believed to be stupid, and the teacher asks Billy a question…
And Billy doesn’t answer quickly. And so you say, well, OK. Helen, you tell us what the right answer is.
Not much time was given to Billy to answer.
On the other hand, if Billy’s one of the kids for whom there’s favorable expectations, and there’s a long pause before there’s an answer, it’s almost as though the teacher were thinking, wow, Billy is sure a thoughtful kid; and gives more time to reply.


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