Singing With New Lungs In ‘The Encore’

Singing With New Lungs In ‘The Encore’
September 30, 2017

Some of the great roles for sopranos are often compellingly fragile — and disarmingly forceful – women: Gilda, the favored daughter in Rigoletto; Violeta, the doomed love in La Traviata.

Charity Tillemann-Dick … had two double-lung transplant operations


Controlling silica dust

Tighter, Controversial Silica Rules Aimed At Saving Workers’ Lungs
March 24, 2016

About 2.3 million people in the U. S. are exposed to fine grains of silica on the job; inhaling the dust is one of the oldest known workplace hazards. Silica, which is basically sand, scars the lungs, causing diseases like silicosis and cancer.