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Our bicycle was cold in the rain

Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, Animating From Life
July 10, 2008

We all thought our bicycle was cold in the rain, our fish was lonely in a fish bowl, a leaf would be afraid of heights when it fell; it’s just the way we looked at things!”

Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith On The Pressures Of Acting: ‘You Want So Much To Get It Right’
February 23, 2016·

Maggie Smith won an Oscar for best supporting actress for “California Suite” and the best actress award for “The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie.”

I am very insecure. And I don’t know, I feel somehow – on a set, I feel a bit trapped because you’re in a corner, and you absolutely have to do it. There is no way out. In the theater, you know, you get another chance. You can do it the next night, the next performance. You can probably get it right then. But you don’t have any real say in a film. And quite honestly, I probably drive everybody mad and go on and on and on and want to do another take and – because I never feel that it’s right. So I always feel huge pressure. It’s an odd feeling, but when you’re there and you’re having to do it, the choice you make has to be absolutely right. And of course, it can’t be. It just absolutely can’t be. So you don’t really have a say in it. I find it very hard because I don’t know that I trust myself to know that – if it’s good or if that’s the take that should be or whether we just do it with one take or there isn’t time to do anymore. You know, I find that real pressure.

DAVIES: And I that can lead to some tension at times. Yeah.

SMITH: Yes. I think there’s always great tension because there never seems to be enough – there is always pressure. There’s always pressure because there isn’t enough time. There’s never enough time for a movie, it seems to me. Never.

The Machine

The Machine

Toby Stephens
Caity Lotz

Rett syndrome

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