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Dec 10, 2018

Detailed Animation On Gastrulation

Folding of the Embryo
Centre for Innovation – Leiden University
Jul 6, 2016



  1. Locus of control
  2. Neuroplasticity
    Brain plasticity
    Aerobic exercise improves memory
  3. Once ownership is established, …
  4. Are Droids Taking Our Jobs? (TED)
  5. Creativity as a Life Skill
  6. The Mehrabian study
  7. Analyzing conversations
  8. The Emotional Life of Your Brain
  9. The way people choose to tell you about themselves
  10. Mind (ghrelin) Over Milkshake
  11. Nobody was afraid. Whatever it was, it was OK
  12. Learn from everyone. Look for patterns. Work like hell.
  13. Sting: success is about perseverance
    You need motivational support to turn knowledge into action
  14. Positive memory engrams & depression
  15. Molding reality so that it’s palatable
  16. We had no idea they were trying so hard
  17. Job Crafting
  18. Hostile attribution bias

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The Austin Python Meetup Monthly Meetup

The Austin Python Meetup Monthly Meetup

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015, 7:00 PM

303 Colorado Street, Suite 1600 Austin, TX

17 Python Programmers Attending

We typically have a main presentation or a series of lightning talks, followed by discussion and Q&A.  There is a diversity of domains and experience levels represented, so come with your questions and be prepared to talk about how you use Python!The Capital Factory is now offering discounted parking in the Omni Parking lot. If you park after 6 p….

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Austin Web Python

Austin Web Python

Austin, TX
1,149 Developers

This is an Austin-based group devoted to making web development with Python freaking fun. Come join us to learn all the new hotness about your favorite Python-based web framew…

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The Austin MySQL Meetup Group

The Austin MySQL Meetup Group

Austin, TX
387 DataGeeks

Open to all data-centric individuals in the Greater Austin Area, whether you use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or any NoSQL/data solution. We love data and databases.

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Peter Zaitsev: When High Availability Isn’t

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015, 6:30 PM
42 Attending

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A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts

Nystrom Desk Atlas

[PDF]A+ Materials: What Do I Need?
A+ Academic Study Materials Booklets
$22 each
includes practice tests for:
Maps, Graphs & Charts

Herff Jones / Nystrom

Section 1434

Social Studies

1. Non-intellective traits & Academic achievement

2. Primary prevention of mental disorders


July 23, 2014
Louisiana is a bit of a twilight zone right now because …

Charter Schools, Money And Test Scores
July 22, 2014
TED KOLDERIE: This is the kind of “study” we’ve been seeing for years and years, that falls into the category of advocacy research. Pretty soon you’ll have another study showing just the opposite.
TED KOLDERIE: Is achievement, performance, success, quality really one-dimensional?
charters often depend on districts to pay for big budget items like school lunches and transportation. Charters also don’t enroll nearly as many special education students, who are more expensive to teach.

Go Play Outside! Outdoor Time Promotes Physical Activity in Youth
July 10th, 2014

Soft Drinks and Behavioral Problems in Young Children
August 16, 2013

Using Active Videogaming (“Exergaming”) to Improve Children’s Health
May 17, 2013

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Aerobics – Evaluating the New “R” in Academic Performance
February 28, 2013

Most Preschool-Age Children Exceed Daily Screen Time Recommendations
October 28, 2010

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Social Cognition

How many Cochrane reviews are there?
How many of them are conclusive?
Is it ever possible to achieve the truth? Or are we just dealing with wishful thinking?

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