Intel Nirvana AI Academy

Intel Nirvana AI Academy



  1. Locus of control
  2. Neuroplasticity
    Brain plasticity
    Aerobic exercise improves memory
  3. Once ownership is established, …
  4. Are Droids Taking Our Jobs? (TED)
  5. Creativity as a Life Skill
  6. The Mehrabian study
  7. Analyzing conversations
  8. The Emotional Life of Your Brain
  9. The way people choose to tell you about themselves
  10. Mind (ghrelin) Over Milkshake
  11. Nobody was afraid. Whatever it was, it was OK
  12. Learn from everyone. Look for patterns. Work like hell.
  13. Sting: success is about perseverance
    You need motivational support to turn knowledge into action
  14. Positive memory engrams & depression
  15. Molding reality so that it’s palatable
  16. We had no idea they were trying so hard
  17. Job Crafting
  18. Hostile attribution bias

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The Austin Python Meetup Monthly Meetup

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015, 7:00 PM

303 Colorado Street, Suite 1600 Austin, TX

17 Python Programmers Attending

We typically have a main presentation or a series of lightning talks, followed by discussion and Q&A.  There is a diversity of domains and experience levels represented, so come with your questions and be prepared to talk about how you use Python!The Capital Factory is now offering discounted parking in the Omni Parking lot. If you park after 6 p….

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The Austin MySQL Meetup Group

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Peter Zaitsev: When High Availability Isn’t

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015, 6:30 PM
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