Kyle Gann on “No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage’s 4’33”

Kyle Gann on “No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage’s 4’33”
Kyle Gann talks about his book, “No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage’s 4’33”.”

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Music is Everywhere: John Cage at 100

Music is Everywhere: John Cage at 100
September 5, 2012
In a 1963 interview with public radio station KPFK, Cage described a revelation he had 15 years earlier when he visited an anechoic chamber at Harvard University, a room that’s supposed to be completely silent.

in that room, I heard two sounds, whereas I expected to hear nothing. I expected, “silence”.
So when I got out of the room, I asked the engineer in charge what those two sounds were: one was high, and one was low.
And he said, well, the high one was your nervous system in operation, and the low one was the circulation of your blood.
So then I realized that even if I remain silent, I was, under certain circumstances, musical.

“One of the beautiful things about hunting mushrooms is that they grow up and are fresh at just a particular moment.
And our lives are actually characterized by moments.”


¿Para qué los filósofos?
Sentimos la nostalgia de una vida intelectual creativa y responsable, que ayude a ver claro aquello que parece confuso y busque soluciones para los problemas de hoy
Mario Vargas Llosa
1 Octubre 2016