Stone Mattress. Nine Tales

In Margaret Atwood’s Latest, The Past Is Powerfully Present
September 13, 2014

Many characters find that they’re powerfully affected by things that happened years ago, in their youth.

“It does seem to be a human characteristic, that in fact those things, although you may forget about them in your 20s, they are the sub-layer upon which your life is based. And they come back,”

the Future Library project

the message-in-the-bottle metaphor for writing any book.

You will also never know whether they understand it because the language may have changed in that time.



Fiction: Transgressive treats
Paul L. McEuen
Paul L. McEuen relishes Margaret Atwood’s acerbic tales of sex, hallucinations and death by stromatolite.


The Heart Goes Last

Now Is Not The Time For Realistic Fiction, Says Margaret Atwood
September 30, 2015

Writer Margaret Atwood says she’ll try anything once. That spirit of adventure — coupled with her curiosity about the intersection of storytelling and new technology — led her to write a serialized book for the digital publisher Byliner. That book, The Heart Goes Last …