The Many Roads to Cell Death (webinar)

The Many Roads to Cell Death:
Apoptosis, Necrosis, and Autophagy
June 4, 2014

Cell death is, ironically, an essential part of life. In recent years, the study and understanding of cell death pathways has been dramatically transformed by the insights gained into non-apoptotic pathways, including necro-apoptosis and autophagy, together with a deeper understanding of the mechanism of the apoptotic cascade. New discoveries have been enabled by cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the realm of cytometry and cell-death–specific markers.
In this webinar, the latest insights into cell death pathways will be discussed, including the molecular markers and cellular changes that characterize each pathway. Viewers will also learn practical cytometry-based strategies for dissecting cell death pathways, and how to use the data to better understand the pathophysiology of diseases such as cancer as well as to uncover new targets for drug discovery and development.

During this webinar, the speakers will:
•Review the latest insights into the different cell death pathways
•Present their own recent data and research on cell death mechanisms and impacts
•Describe techniques to detect and dissect cell death pathways



How a Baby’s Hand Develops

How a Baby’s Hand Develops
The Human Body – The End of Life (BBC)

Shigekazu Nagata – Kyoto University
(C) 2007
plasma membrane blebbing during apoptosis

Apoptosis under the microscope
The Human Body – The End of Life (BBC)
(C) 20??

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