LSD-Induced Ego Dissolution (2016)

Increased Global Functional Connectivity Correlates with LSD-Induced Ego Dissolution
Enzo Tagliazucch, et al.
Current Biology, 26(8):1043–1050, 25 April 2016

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The ’60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues

The ’60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues
March 09, 2014

LSD was classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it had “no known medical use.” Research on the medical uses of LSD and other psychedelics came to a halt.

One area that showed promise was using hallucinogens to ease anxiety and depression in patients with cancer

“I don’t think it’s a brand new antidepressant,” Hanson says. He says the main problem with hallucinogens is the lack of predictability and that they affect people in wildly different ways.
Hanson says hallucinogens scramble the brain’s chemistry, so if someone’s brain chemistry is “already abnormal, where are you going to end up with this person?”