It’s microbiology, citizens (2013)

It’s microbiology, citizens
Nature Reviews Microbiology volume 11, page 427 (2013)

American Society for Microbiology
ASM Conference for Undergraduate Education (July 13-15, 2022)
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General Microbiology (non-medical)
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Book: Microbiology (Boundless)
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BIOL 2065 Laboratory Manual
Biology Department Faculty of Salt Lake Community College
Lab #4: The Gut Check Game
Lab #6: Bacterial Growth in the Laboratory (under password)
Lab #7: Bacteriophage plaque assay
Edvotek EDVO-KIT #209
Laboratory #8 Innate Immunity – Complement System
(Adapted from: Fuller KG. 2008. Exploring the innate immune system: using complement-mediated cell lysis in the classroom. Am Biol Teach. 70(2): 103-108.)
Materials: bovine serum stock, overnight bacterial culture (e.g. serum-sensitive E. coli),…
Laboratory #9—PARE Project
Assessing the Prevalence of Antibiotic-Resistance in the Environment
genomic DNA isolation and PCR set-up
species identification: agarose gel electrophoresis; the BLAST server

prepared slides for microscopy > Bacteria, simple organisms (10 slides)

Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education

Earth Microbiome Project

Google: amateur microbiologist