FDA Approves TMS to Treat Migraine Pain

FDA Approves First Device to Treat Migraine Pain
December 13, 2013

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today allowed marketing of the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS; eNeura Therapeutics http://www.eneura.com), the first device approved to relieve pain caused by migraine headache with aura.

The device is used by prescription after onset of pain associated with migraine with aura.
Using both hands, the patient holds the device to the back of the head and, pressing a button, releases a pulse of magnetic energy that stimulates the occipital cortex, stopping or reducing the pain associated with this type of migraine.

Results showed that nearly 38% of patients using the TMS device were pain-free 2 hours after using the device vs 17% of control patients. After 24 hours, nearly 34% of treated patients were pain-free vs 10% of the control group.