17 accounts for her grandmother to meet her quotas

LA Lawsuit Alleges Wells Fargo Engaged In Fraudulent Conduct
May 08, 2015

The lawsuit alleges Wells Fargo tried too hard, imposing unrealistic sales quotas on employees, who then opened up new accounts for credit cards in customers’ names without them knowing.

What we’re talking about is people getting accounts opened – credit cards, debit cards – without any need or without their own permission. Sometimes the employees apparently became so desperate that they used their own money to fund these things just so people can make quotas. But other times, it was much worse. Sometimes they falsified sort of passwords and accessed customers’ deposits, raided them and opened up new accounts. At the first place we looked into, there was said to be one employee who would opened something like 17 accounts for her grandmother to meet her quotas.

they specifically had conversations about products that they said that they didn’t need. And then they wound up getting them anyway. Other people said that they went in, insisted that these accounts be closed, but they never were.


LinkedIn is accessing users email accounts without users’ consent

Russ August & Kabat Has Filed A Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Claiming LinkedIn’s Email Practices Violate State And Federal Laws

LinkedIn’s disturbing practice of accessing users’ third-party email accounts (e.g., Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) without users’ consent

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Users Sue LinkedIn Over Harvesting of E-Mail Addresses
September 21, 2013

Water Battle To Supreme Court

Thirsty States Take Water Battle To Supreme Court
April 21, 2013
it’s like giving Jack the Ripper a set of hunting knives on his promise to only use them at the dinner table. I’m telling you right now it’s not going to happen.



An Analogy is Like a Doorway to “Aha!”
McGraw-Hill Education > Business Blog. August 26, 2016

history & analogy used to add veracity to topic


Exoneree Detectives Fight For Those Still Behind Bars

Exoneree Detectives Fight For Those Still Behind Bars
April 15, 2013
one colloquial they used in that time,” says current District Attorney Craig Watkins. “A good prosecutor can get a guilty verdict on a person that’s guilty. But a great prosecutor is one that can get a guilty verdict on an innocent individual.”

this whole episode took place in Monroeville, Ala., where Harper Lee grew up and wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.
If you go to Monroeville, you’ll see a community that’s completely enchanted by that story. … They have all of this To Kill a Mockingbird memorabilia. The leading citizens enact a play about the book. You can’t go anywhere without encountering some aspect of that story made real in that community.

the challenge with these cases is that you have to prove innocence. You can’t go into court with the presumption of innocence, assuming that your client is presumed innocent. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but in many of these cases, that’s not the way it does work.


Students Accused, Legal Victories Win Back Rights


…has pandered valuable resources away from our community, and has taken the focus away from the true victims of our community, while instilling fear among our community members. So, if anything it is … that owe this community an apology.

Farmer’s Fight With Monsanto Reaches The Supreme Court

Farmer’s Fight With Monsanto Reaches The Supreme Court
February 18, 2013