I have always pulled it off before

Ann Patchett Journeys To The Amazon With ‘Wonder’
June 5, 2011

“She finds out so much about herself as she loses her luggage and her cell phone and her contacts with civilization and ultimately her clothes. She really finds her own strength,” Patchett says. “She’s telling us, ‘If you are thrown off a cliff and into an ocean, you’re gonna figure out how to swim.'”

It’s the kind of lesson Patchett has put to use in her own writing career, where tackling so many disparate, exotic elements in one novel can quickly become daunting.

“Every single time I’m writing a book, I get to a certain place where I think, ‘I cannot do this. I can’t pull this off,'” Patchett says. “And the only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that I have always pulled it off before.”

The Interestings

‘The Interestings’: An Epic, Post-Summer Camp Coming-Of-Age
April 7, 2013

Are you talented if there’s no product to go with it? If you don’t become really big? Are you still the same artist that you would’ve been if nobody recognized you?

She thought it was all even and it was all fair, and of course nothing’s even and nothing’s fair.”
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… the kind of quiet envy that you might feel for people you really love.

If [Ash and Ethan] weren’t there, she would be, probably, much more content with her life. She would think it was great. But the fact that they’re there — they’re like little gremlins saying, ‘You haven’t achieved what you should have.’
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They fill you with the faults they had

‘They May Not Mean To, But They Do’ Is A Sparkling, Sad Family Affair
June 29, 2016·


It’s from Philip Larkin’s infamous poem about family called “This Be The Verse.” The first stanza, which I must edit, reads – (reading) they bleep you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had and add some extra just for you.

as Larkin told us, imperfect as we may be, we’re all we’ve got.

Missing, Presumed

‘Missing, Presumed’ Chronicles Ups And Downs Of Dating … And Detective Work
July 16, 2016

Susie Steiner’s Missing, Presumed

On detective inspector Manon Bradshaw:
I see her as normal, and by that I mean miserable. She is 39. She’s very good at her job, she’s bright and she’s very interested in her job — but she’s very, very lonely. She’s single and she longs to meet somebody and to have a family.

The Ballad Of Black Tom

‘The Ballad Of Black Tom’ Offers A Tribute And Critique Of Lovecraft
February 29, 2016

LAVALLE: Yeah. I think – if anything, I – you know, with the paranoid mindset is that there is a secret out in the world, there is a conspiracy out in the world and I’m being denied access to it, right? Like, part of the reason someone gets so deeply into, say, conspiracy theories or paranoia of any kind is not just that you believe there are things being done against you or anything like that. It’s also that you are excluded. You are outside of those in power or the machinations that are making things happen. You’re not the beneficiary is usually the idea. And as I think I said the last time, I came from a lovely family. But I would say to some degree, there’s a certain degree of paranoia about outsiders or an idea that people are not always planning to do the best for you, right? So that was my operating mindset just as a human. And so to have someone reach out and say – I don’t want to say magically – but it seems always almost magically, like, we not only see you, but we think you might be worth more than what you think you are worth. Like, that was, like, one of the great revelations of my life that somebody saw me and did not see something hideous or terrible or worth overlooking but instead said we see in you someone who could do something wonderful, like heal yourself and get better and be strong and all this stuff. And that idea of – you know, for all of us maybe sometimes you need to have someone to have faith in you before you can have faith in yourself.

Kate Morton

Kate Morton talks to blog Waterstones.com
Oct 17, 2012
Kate Morton is on a flying visit to the UK, and we managed to grab a few minutes with her to discuss her new book, The Secret Keeper, what draws her to write about Britain, and her father’s ghostly visions…

“I write for pleasure and for fun”
~ I like history but only in terms of how it connects to the present. Genetics.

9:00 I would say this of most books: once you pick it up and start reading, you go on a fantastic journey.

– someone who loves books and whose greater passion in life is to share them with other people.

Kate Morton
WheelerCentre. Jan 22, 2015

she talks about her writing process: research, the power of history, character inspirations and balancing the demands of family.

~ It’s easier to write about pre-internet times

~ Long formats

The Secret Keeper
October 2012