Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery…


Panic Run


Blender (software)

3D computer graphics software
MODELER: Anyone who has extraordinary skills in Blender 3D and can make .blends for me. From there I will take them and move them around to create sprites.”[Oct. 2014]

used to create Scratch stages
hardware requirements: production-standard: input: graphics tablet

Using Photoshop to slice large backgrounds into tiles
How to make a side-scrolling game with a tiled background

The easiest way to make an animated gif
real GIF experts use Photoshop to stitch photos together

All designs made by me, in Adobe Photoshop CS5, except for the font, which I got from Dafont
Avoid the Fire 2

Google Swiffy

Inspired by B-Cubed on Coolmath games

recommended by Scratch Brasil: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. obtained font (Oct 2013) from:

source for inspiration:

stagestar awards:

2D Drawing Techniques and Libraries for Web Games
April 2015

Vector Drawing Apps For iPad
Draw Vectors Effortlessly
1. Adobe Ideas

Inkpad is recommended by:
Oct 2013
Mar 2014
an article on Inkpad (Jan 2014):

article about Procreate
Oct 2013

accessed May 2015

accessed May 2015

Aug 2014

SketchBook Express for iPad
By Autodesk Inc. (free)


Frantic (downloadable)
June 2016