MMVR21 Medicine Meets Virtual Reality
February 20 – 22, 2014
Manhattan Beach, California

NextMed/MMVR presents innovative research at the confluence of healthcare and information technology:

  • Medical simulation and modeling
  • Data visualization and fusion
  • Imaging devices and methods
  • Robotics
  • Haptics
  • Sensors
  • Wearable and implantable electronics
  • Human-computer interfaces
  • Medical intelligence networks
  • Mobile health applications
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Projection systems
  • Learning and technology
  • Simulator design and validation
  • Preoperative planning
  • Surgical registration and navigation
  • Psychotherapy tools
  • Physical rehabilitation tools
  • Remote and battlefield care
  • Serious games
  • Patient and public health monitoring and education

digital versions of actors

Hollywood ‘craves digital versions of actors’
March 26, 2013
Hollywood sometimes finds close-ups difficult to do during dangerous stunt scenes because the person carrying out the stunt is not the film star but a stunt man.

Digital CGI has gone a long way to creating believable images of characters but still finds difficulty replicating the complexities of the human face.
Marc Istook finds out how accurate digital copies can be.