Community-based health care

How A Florida Medical School Cares For Communities In Need
May 14, 2013

Over the last decade, a pressing need for new doctors has led many universities to open medical schools.
Seventeen new schools have been accredited since 2005, and several are looking at new ways to train doctors.

Nationally, there’s a shortage of primary care doctors — one that’s expected to worsen as millions more Americans get access to health care under the Affordable Care Act.

telemedicine pilot

health literacy

Projecting US Primary Care Physician Workforce Needs: 2010-2025
Stephen M. Petterson, PhD, et al.
Ann Fam Med November/December 2012, 10(6):503-509

Prognosis Worsens For Shortages In Primary Care
August 07, 2012


Stanford Medicine X

“polyglot” Health through understanding
?Feb 2013
R.J. Sims Preston, CEO
Polyglot Systems, Inc.
Morrisville, NC

90+ million americans are low health literate

Most consumer medication information (CMI) not useful or readable (e.g.: 12th grade reading level).
Cognitive overload
Poor medication adherence
Patient satisfaction
Health literacy research

A web-based tool for healthcare professionals
Instructions: targeted for 5th-6th grade reading level
Problem: workflow interruption (e.g.: Select the frequency schedule for the medicine).
Solution: Integration via API.
Medication reconciliation tool.

SMART Apps for Health
June 2011

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