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Build an app

Right click any HTML file in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio and click on Open with
Select the HTML (web forms) editor
Click on Set as default
Click on the OK button


Text editor

Simple text editors:

How to Use Git and GitHub

Using Python to Access Web Data
University of Michigan
December 2015

Command line instructions

Mercurial SCM
free, distributed source control management tool

Apache Subversion®
an open source version control system


How simple can things get …?

There’s No Such Thing as a “Pure” Programmer   
Big Think
Jun 13, 2011
With applications like Ruby on Rails lowering the bar for creating web applications, some programmers may complain about “the unwashed masses” overrunning their “beautiful, pristine programming communities.” Hansson thinks that attitude is …

How simple can things get in terms of programming?


Why should I learn to read?

You Should Learn to Program
Christian Genco at TEDxSMU
TEDx Talks
Dec 27, 2012



Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016
Aug 6, 2015
Chris Hawkes

1. JS
2. Java
3. Python
4. C++
5. C# (the language of the .NET framework)
6. Swift (Apple)
7. Ruby
8. PHP (built specifically for the web. Powers WordPress)
9. GO (developed at Google)
10. C


Larry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know  
Big Think . 2011.

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java. The Cobol of the 21st century.
  3. Haskell. A functional language. A modern Lisp.
  4. C. Close to the metal. Almost all of the languages that you see (Java, Perl, etc.) are actually implemented in C.
  5. Python. Ruby. Perl.


Bjarne Stroustrup: The 5 Programming Languages You Need to Know  
Big Think. 2011

a functional language


It’s not as fast as many languages due to its dynamic duck typing
a lot slower than compiled languages such as C++ or C#

Using Python Requests to Log Into a Website
Chris Hawkes
May 22, 2014




Extracting data from JSON: exercise
file format: .py

cited by:
Using Python to Access Web Data
Coursera, Oct 26 — Dec 14, 2015.