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A pot-kettle-black story

IMF’s Christine Lagarde, Who Chastised Greek Tax Evaders, Pays No Taxes
NPR. May 29, 2012

The International Monetary Fund’s boss, Christine Lagarde, made a lot of Greeks very angry with an interview she gave The Guardian on Friday.

Essentially, Lagarde said she has very little sympathy for the Greeks and that if they want to solve their financial problems they should just pay their taxes.

Today, The Guardian ran the pot-kettle-black story, pointing out that Lagarde with her $467,940 a year salary and her $83,760 yearly allowance does not pay any taxes.

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turn over a new leaf

M-W Word of the Day:

turn over a new leaf (idiom)
: to start behaving or living in a different and better way

• I decided to turn over a new leaf and stop worrying so much.

• The program helps drug addicts to turn over a new leaf when they get out of jail.


IDIOM: on the money

correct; accurate

Example: His prediction was right on the money.

Heard on: Remapping Our Awareness Of Storm Surge Danger. NPR, June 01, 2013


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