William Shatner’s Own Space Oddity

William Shatner’s Own Space Oddity
October 16, 2011

a new, space-themed spoken-word album, Seeking Major Tom.
The two-disc set features a laundry list of popular musicians, from Lyle Lovett and Peter Frampton to Sheryl Crow and members of the prog-rock bands Asia and King Crimson.

Seeking Major Tom tells the story of the fictional astronaut in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and what happens after he steps out of the space capsule.

At 80, Shatner shows no signs of slowing down. Where does he find the energy for a third album?

Well, as you get older, you become more sensitized to the fact of how ephemeral life is.
So that relishing life, every moment, like talking to you right now is the most enjoyable thing I can imagine because it’s what I’m doing right now. That’s the way I think we should feel.