An eternity in 18 minutes

Joseph Geraci at TEDxWilmington
September 2013

Among the most peaceful and loving people you will find are the very young children; they are the most innocent, honest, dependent and affectionate people on earth.

They are the yang of human nature before being introduced to the yin.

Thomas Fleischmann

Thomas Fleischmann
Sep 2014

Thomas Fleischmann has been an emergency physician since 1982. Since 2005 he has worked as the director of emergency medical units in Germany and Switzerland. As well as being a fellow of the British College of Emergency Medicine and the European Society for Emergency Medicine, Dr. Fleischmann holds a Master of Health Business Administration. In addition to frequently holding speeches about emergency medicine topics, he is also the editor of two textbooks on emergency medicine and has written many academic papers on the topic.

Videos Ease Tough Conversation

Videos On End-Of-Life Choices Ease Tough Conversation
March 29, 2015

… these videos, produced by Dr. Angelo Volandes of Harvard Medical School. She thought maybe they could help. So she brought Volandes to Hawaii to give a little show-and-tell for some health care providers.

“I frankly was astounded,” Seitz says, “at how excited people became when they saw these videos.”

Volandes thinks they were excited and — maybe — a little bit relieved.

“Physicians and medical students aren’t often trained to have these conversations,” says Volandes. “I, too, had difficulty having this conversation, and sometimes words aren’t enough.”

Volandes is the author of a book called The Conversation, which tells the stories of some of the patients he encountered early in his career and their end-of-life experiences. He describes aggressive interventions performed on patients with advanced cases of cancer or dementia. In the book, they suffer one complication after another. There is never a happy ending.


Medicare Says Doctors Should Get Paid To Discuss End-Of-Life Issues
August 18, 2015

‘Death Class’ Taught Students A Lot About Life

‘Death Class’ Taught Students A Lot About Life
January 19, 2014

NORMA BOWE: You know, I think in our culture we spend a lot of time avoiding death.
We don’t talk about it. If someone we love dies, we, if we’re lucky, get maybe a three-day hiatus from work and from school and we’re just supposed to move on.
And I think that’s a real disservice because I think unless you’re able to properly grieve, you know, you can get pretty physically sick from carrying around that kind of a burden.