Voll-Nuss Fights For Its ‘Natural’ Reputation

Top German Chocolate Maker Fights For Its ‘Natural’ Reputation
December 24, 2013

Ritter Sport says the chemical responsible for the vanilla-like aroma in its top-selling Voll-Nuss chocolate nut bar is all natural. But Stiftung Warentest — basically Germany’s version of Consumer Reports — disagrees.

The problem? Voll-Nuss contained a chemical called piperonal, a vanilla-like aroma that Stiftung Warentest believes was manufactured using synthetic chemistry.
In other words, unnatural.

Ritter Sport reacted like a goaded bull.
The company declared that the piperonal in its chocolate has been extracted from natural sources, such as dill, violet flowers, black pepper, and vanilla.




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people also get a little tired of these studies. … I was told I couldn’t eat eggs. Now, I can eat eggs. So they’re throwing their hands up in just complete frustration, and they’ve really lost trust
[consumers] don’t pay a lot of attention to studies such as this, but they are going to pay a lot more attention to their doctors, their pediatricians, folks like Dr. Oz and their friends and their social networks.

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The upshot of the Stanford review, as we reported, was that the scientists found very little evidence of health benefits. As we explained, the limitation of the review is that many of the studies included were narrowly targeted and that they didn’t last longer than a couple of years. Basically, more studies are needed to determine whether there are measurable health benefits from eating organically grown food.


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