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Sociometric status & psychosocial adjustment 5 years later

Ollendick_1992Sociometric status and academic, behavioral, and psychological adjustment: A five-year longitudinal study.
Ollendick, Thomas H.; Weist, Mark D.; Borden, M. Christopher; Greene, Ross W.
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol 60(1), Feb 1992, 80-87.

600 4th-graders rated how much they like to play with each of their classmates and then nominated their 3 best friends; 296 of the 600 children were assigned sociometric classifications of popular, neglected, average, controversial, or rejected status (the remaining 304 children failed to meet inclusion criteria).

Five years later, 267 of the 296 classified children (90.2%) were evaluated on measures of academic performance, social behavior, and psychological adjustment.
The number and type of contacts with the juvenile justice system were also determined.

In general, children classified as rejected or controversial tended to fare more poorly on indices of long-term adjustment than did children classified as popular, neglected, or average.

Results are discussed in terms of the predictive validity of sociometric rating and nomination procedures and their utility in identifying children at risk for later maladjustment

Ollendick_1992bcited in:
Psychology of Popularity
by Dr. Mitch Prinstein