The Eye, Focus and Optical Lens

The Eye, Focus and Optical Lens


How the Eye Focuses Light


Samuel R. Delany: poetic form & prose form

Samuel R. Delany on “The Jewel-Hinged Jaw: Notes on the Language of Science Fiction”
September 9, 2012 (originally: 09.25.2011)

Samuel R. Delany has been described as “American science fiction’s most consistently brilliant and inventive writer.”  Delany’s non-fiction includes the essay collection, “The Jewel-Hinged Jaw: Notes on the Language of Science Fiction.”

2:00 “when the words are put together in poetic form, you listen to them differently. You pay attention to them differently. When they’re put together in a prose form, again you pay a different kind of attention to them. And it’s the same thing with science fiction.”

2:33 “Then her world exploded”

3:35 dyslexia


Junot Diaz on Samuel R. Delany
April 13, 2014
Writer Junot Diaz tells us why he’s a big fan of Samuel R. Delany’s novel, “Dark Reflections”.

The Interestings

‘The Interestings’: An Epic, Post-Summer Camp Coming-Of-Age
April 7, 2013

Are you talented if there’s no product to go with it? If you don’t become really big? Are you still the same artist that you would’ve been if nobody recognized you?

She thought it was all even and it was all fair, and of course nothing’s even and nothing’s fair.”

… the kind of quiet envy that you might feel for people you really love.

If [Ash and Ethan] weren’t there, she would be, probably, much more content with her life. She would think it was great. But the fact that they’re there — they’re like little gremlins saying, ‘You haven’t achieved what you should have.’

Psychology textbooks

Understanding Psychology, 11th Edition
Charles G. Morris, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
Dr. Albert A. Maisto, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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David G. Myers
Nine edition in modules

AP Psychology


Understanding Psychology (Student Edition)
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Understanding Psychology (Feldman), 11th Edition
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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, 5e
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The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View (King), 3rd Edition
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Visualizing Psychology, 3rd Edition
Siri Carpenter, Karen Huffman
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