Non-medication treatment for opioid addiction

The Opioid Crisis in America
July – November, 2021

Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD

effective non-medication treatments for Opioid Use Disorder:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mutual help organizations, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Women for Sobriety
  • Sober living environments
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Mindfulness
  • Contingency Management Behavioral Interventions


Transforming Mental Health Patients into Providers

Transforming Mental Health Patients into Providers
A peer counseling program in Washington state is leading the way
January 13, 2019
By Lisa Aliferis

Online CPC Training

  • What have you learned that you could share with other youth?
  • Person-first language


We like things. They fixate on objects.
We try to make friends. They display attention seeking behavior.
We take breaks. They display off task behavior.
We stand for ourselves. They are non-compliant.

Die Philosophie des Als Ob

Die Philosophie des Als Ob
Hans Vaihinger
while sensations and feelings are real, the rest of human knowledge consists of “fictions” that can only be justified pragmatically.
In his view, even the laws of logic are fictions, albeit fictions that have proved their indispensable worth in experience and are thus held to be undeniably true. Vaihinger believes that it is not worth asking whether ethical, religious and metaphysical doctrines are true in an objective sense, since this cannot be discovered, but that one should ask whether it is useful or even necessary to act ‘as if’ they were true.
(For example, according to Kantian ethics, we must act ‘as if’ moral laws were laws of nature because of our non-physical consciences.)
He concedes that the concepts of fiction and ‘as if’ vary depending on the type of truth concerned, which may be logical, scientific, religious, or something else.[4]