language fails to describe music

Notes and Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus
World Science Festival
Jul 29, 2014

Bobby McFerrin plays the audience as an instrument

but it’s much more complicated and language fails to describe music

New words to describe emotions

John Koenig: Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions
February 2016 at TEDxBerkeley

What makes words real?

Once you realize that this world was built by people no smarter than you …

Are these words real? = How many brains will this give me access to?

Expressive power of a language

Does It Taste As Sweet To Say ‘I Love You’ In Another Language?
February 1, 2014
For intimate expressions — praying, lying, expressing anger, showing affection, even cursing — our native language is usually our strongest, says Boston University professor of psychology Catherine Harris.

Colm Toibin on Elizabeth Bishop

Colm Toibin on Poet Elizabeth Bishop
May 10, 2015

The celebrated Irish novelist Colm Toibin talks about his admiration for the poet Elizabeth Bishop and the kinship he feels for her.

01:45 confessional, autobiographical poems

02:46 her poems are canonical

4:34 people are very careful about what they say
people hint at things rather than declare them
language of restraint … everything is understated

07:40 we live in an age where you’re meant to–even with the most casual acquaintance–sit down and tell them all about how you’re feeling this week

08:10 somehow speech is not accurate enough, language is not clear enough