re.compile string.punctuation

string_punctuationBest way to strip punctuation from a string in Python

>import string
>import re
>regex = re.compile(‘[%s]’ % re.escape(string.punctuation))
>out = regex.sub(‘ ‘, “This is, fortunately. A Test! string”)
>’This is  fortunately  A Test  string’


Python Regular Expressions

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Regular expressions HOWTO:
For … science underlying regular expressions (deterministic and non-deterministic finite automata), you can refer to almost any textbook on writing compilers.

Metacharacters are not active inside classes: … '$' is usually a metacharacter, but inside a character class it’s stripped of its special nature.

Perhaps the most important metacharacter is the backslash, \.

Some of the special sequences beginning with '\' represent predefined sets of characters

* doesn’t match the literal character *; instead, it specifies that the previous character can be matched zero or more times, instead of exactly once.

Pay careful attention to the difference between * and +;

match() versus search()


Regular expressions

Python Regular Expressions

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Python: Regular expressions
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