Force-directed graph drawing

Force-directed graph drawing

software that implements a multilevel force-directed layout algorithm (among many others) capable of handling very large graphs.

LearnDiscovery, mobile software for iOS that visualizes the mindmap of English Wikipedia, computed as a weighted graph. It includes force-directed layouts as one of the built-in methods for displaying and accessing a connected-graph of topics.

Open source graph visualization
9th February, 2018
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IBM graph
HTML5 Canvas
Neo4j graph database
OrientDB graph database


The language of reading images

You are fluent in this language (and don’t even know it)
Christoph Niemann

Without realizing it, we’re fluent in the language of pictures, says illustrator Christoph Niemann. In a charming talk packed with witty, whimsical drawings, Niemann takes us on a hilarious visual tour that shows how artists tap into our emotions and minds — all without words.

the cultural vocabulary of your audience

The Need to Read (WSJ, 2016)

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The Need to Read
Reading books remains one of the best ways to engage with the world, become a better person and understand life’s questions, big and small
By Will Schwalbe
Nov. 25, 2016

Continuous Learning
The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk
The most successful people on the planet are also the people likeliest to devote an hour a day to reading and learning.

The 3 E’s of Literacy: Strategies to Nurture A Love of Reading
By Abbie Kopf
February 14, 2014
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March 2020

David Miti, The Carpenter

Life Doesn’t End as a Double Amputee
The Atlantic
Jul 13, 2018

“I saw this little workshop out back,” Austin Meyer told The Atlantic. “I walked over and the first person I saw was David Miti, sitting on his bench, making crutches. When I realized he had no legs, the poetry of the moment hit me, and I couldn’t wait to hear his story.”