Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain
Ruairi Robertson
December 2015


We can’t get rid of thoughts by trying to get rid of thoughts


My Hidden OCD Exposed
Anne Swanson
Oct 11, 2016

such_a_reliefAnne Swanson used to fear phone interactions due to Intrusive Thought Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She would fear she had said something atrocious, even though she hadn’t. However, through exposure response therapy, Anne has learned to manage her anxiety and embrace leaving voicemail messages.


Self-control: serves the group

Logging In to the Brain’s Social Network
October 18, 2013

self-control seems like something that is there to help us move our own agenda forward, but a lot of times self-control is really serving to move the group’s agenda forward and serve the group.
So it’s a much more social factor than I think we usually consider.