AI > Context awareness (TED 2015)

How artificial intelligence will make technology disappear
Rand Hindi
TEDxÉcolePolytechnique, 2015

like Pavlov’s dog
phantom’s vibrations
~5:30 artificial intelligence: context awareness
ubiquitous computing
~7:20 the electricity analogy

Like the queen of England

Why Does Cynthia Ozick Write? ‘I Simply Must,’ She Says
July 17, 2016

On why she writes
Because I can’t not. I mean, what else am I going to do with my life? That’s another way of putting it. I simply must. Writers simply can’t help themselves. In a way they’re sort of like the queen of England. Every writer is doomed to his or her profession. What else is the queen going to do with her life? She was born a queen; she’s stuck. And writers are stuck, too.

Guaman Poma’s Inca Chronicle

Guaman Poma’s Inca Chronicle
National Library of Denmark

The Inca-Chronicle was June 2007 nominated on UNESCO’s Memory of the World list.

Guaman Poma’s extensive so-called Inca Chronicle is an account of the history of the Andean region from the earliest times, as well as a series of proposed reforms of the Spanish colonial rule.
The long prose text is written in Spanish with occasional use of Quechua, one of the local Indian languages.
Poma himself both wrote the text by hand and drew the nearly 400 full page illustrations.
These drawings graphically express the suffering of the people under Spanish rule.