Covid-19: New coronavirus variant is identified in UK

Covid-19: New coronavirus variant is identified in UK
16 December, 2020

It’s been snappily named VUI-202012/01 (the first “Variant Under Investigation” in December 2020) and is defined by a set of 17 changes or mutations.
One of the most significant is an N501Y mutation in the spike protein that the virus uses to bind to the human ACE2 receptor.
Changes in this part of spike protein may, in theory, result in the virus becoming more infectious and spreading more easily between people.


Dr. Robert Gallo: Can an Oral Polio Vaccine Help Stop the Coronavirus?

Can an Oral Polio Vaccine Help Stop the Coronavirus?
Amanpour and Company
April 13, 2020

People around the world are desperate for a vaccine, cure, treatment, testing – anything that could offer some hope. In 1984, world-renowned virologist Dr. Robert Gallo helped identify HIV and determine how it causes AIDS. Now he is turning his attention to the fight against coronavirus, leading an initiative to repurpose the oral polio vaccine for a short-term treatment. He believes it could provide a couple of months of immunity, buying time for anyone infected to develop the antibodies to fight it. It still awaits FDA approval, but Dr. Gallo believes there is cause for hope — as he explains to Walter Isaacson

“viral interference”

Dr. Robert Gallo Featured on MSNBC’s 11th Hour with Brian Williams
April 2, 2020

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April 3, 2022