Jungian Type and Mathematics

Neuroscience, Jungian Type and Mathematics–Insights into Student Struggles
TEDxEnola: February 1st, 2012
Dr. Jane Kise

psychological types

“Oh my gosh, we’ve been doing math for three hours and understanding it.”





Motivating people to excellence

Motivating People to Excellence
Cheryl Ferguson
TEDxWinnipeg. Aug 4, 2016

A compliment can change your life, IF it has two qualities.
Do you know what they are?

Cheryl Ferguson understands motivation and what drives students to excel. She has over 200 students in her band program and over 200 students who are on the waitlist to get into her band program. During her 20 years as a teacher, Cheryl has taught music at every level including K-6 classroom and junior high band programs.