Harp Therapy: Music As Medication

Harp Therapy: Music As Medication
by David Was
November 24, 2009

it’s not just longhair music that benefits mood and healing. Familiarity is also a key factor. Suzanne Hanser, chairperson of the Music Therapy Department at the Berklee College of Music, says that what counts is “the kinds of memories, feelings and associations that a piece of music brings to mind.”
Who knew the iPod could replace the serotonin reuptake inhibitor?
Or that Metallica could heal as well as howl?

Music As Meds:


The Thistle & Shamrock: Harpers

The Thistle & Shamrock: Harpers
Week 49. December 5, 2013

Hear some of today’s most innovative and inspirational Celtic music in recordings of its most ancient instrument.
William Jackson, Wendy Stewart, Maire Brennan, Grainne Hambly, Savourna Stevenson, and Alan Stivell all feature in an hour dedicated to small harps.

William Jackson