Nano Hummingbird

Nano Hummingbird

Named one of the “50 Best Inventions of 2011” by TIME Magazine.

AeroVironment is developing the Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) under a DARPA sponsored research contract to develop a new class of air vehicle systems capable of indoor and outdoor operation.
Employing biological mimicry at an extremely small scale, this unconventional aircraft could someday provide new reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities in urban environments.


Moths That Drive Cars (Really)

Moths That Drive Cars (Really)
May 09, 2013

why should we spend time and money on an artificial system when mother nature, as always, has already done the hard work for us?
In much the same way that miners used canaries and border police use sniffer dogs, why shouldn’t robots be controlled by insects?

Odour-tracking capability of a silkmoth driving a mobile robot with turning bias and time delay
2013 Bioinspir. Biomim. 8