Is an audiobook a book?

Neil Gaiman Asks: Heard Any Good Books Lately?
November 30, 2009

audiobooks can vary wildly. The person reading makes all the difference.

“I absolutely think the audiobooks are getting better: .. the ways they are interpreted

Critic Harold Bloom said, “Deep reading really demands the inner ear as well as the outer ear. You need the whole cognitive process, that part of you which is open to wisdom. You need the text in front of you.”

… a lot of people who, when asked if they’ve read a book, hesitate and say, “Well, I’ve listened to it.”

So is an audiobook a book?
audio producer Rick Harris: “An audiobook is a separate entity … a novel can be seen … as is a script for an audio performance.”
“It is an audiobook, and that has its own validity, its own limitations, its own strengths… The human voice is unquestionably the most expressive musical instrument there is. You combine those two, and you get an audiobook.

Tom Wujec: 3 ways the brain creates meaning


You should enjoy this

Neil Gaiman Turns His Grad Speech Into ‘Good Art’
May 14, 2013

0:32 I got out into the world and wrote, and I became a better writer the more I wrote, and I wrote some more.

On the advice he got from horror writer Stephen King:
the most important piece of advice I was ever given, came in 1992 from Stephen King:
‘This is really wonderful, this is special. You should enjoy this. Just make a point of enjoying it.’

9:11 GAIMAN: And that feeling of just having created something, it’s a very, very real thing, that being able to look around and go, I’ve just improved the world by something that wasn’t there before

The old rules are crumbling and nobody knows what the new rules are. So make up your own rules.
18:43 Someone asked me recently how to do something she thought it was going to be difficult. In this case recording an audiobook.
I suggested she pretends that she is someone who could do it. No pretend to do it, but pretend she was someone who could. She put up a note to this effect on the studio wall and she said it helped.
So be wise, because the world needs more wisdom.
And if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and then just behave as they would.
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Now go and make interesting mistakes. Make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules, leave the world more interesting …


The Twilight Zone: “The After Hours”

Watch This: Neil Gaiman’s Imaginative Favorites
January 28, 2013

writer Neil Gaiman creates magical, often haunting worlds. He won the Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book, which is about a boy raised by ghosts.
In Coraline, a lonely girl discovers a door to a mysterious parallel world.

Twilight Zone Radio

My dreaming sorts out stories for me

Neil Gaiman On Returning To ‘Sandman,’ Talking In His Sleep And The Power Of Comics
December 15, 2015

I think I love my dreaming process because one of the things that my dreaming process does is sort out stories for me.
I will go to sleep stuck on what happens next, I will wake up and somewhere these boys in the back room have been moving heavy furniture around, they’ve been digging, they’ve been painting, they’ve been plastering and they present me with the solution.
If that means I’m going to be a little bit chatty or a little bit weird in my sleep, I will go for it.

when you read everything, you wind up reading short stories or stories that just, you shouldn’t probably have read yet and the kinds of things that gave me nightmares.

The Graveyard Book