Unite Europe 2016 – Two Devs, One Deadline, No Coders: How Unity Changed Our Lives
June 14, 2016

39:01 The problem was that we’ve added so much narrative and so much flavor text. There were puns, there were in-jokes, there were cultural references, there were song lyrics. None of these things are easy to localize. Now we had a whole bunch of stuff that was impossible to translate.

An in-joke, also known as an inside joke or a private joke, is a joke whose humour is understandable only to members of an ingroup, that is, people who are in a particular social group, occupation, or other community of shared interest.




Adam demo
Unite Europe conference
June 20, 2016

Unity (game engine)

Unity is a cross-platform game engine … It grew from an OS X supported game development tool in 2005 to a multi-platform game engine.

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Scene navigation


Building Blocks: Game Development
March 8, 2016


Building Windows 10 Games with Unity 5
Instructor(s): Adam Tuliper and Matthew Newman
September 05, 2015

Developing Your First Game with Unity and C#
MSDN Magazine > Issues and Downloads > 2014 > August 2014
Adam Tuliper

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Dreamfall Chapters, Extreme Makeover Edition, or: The Rocky Road to Unity 5

Game editor

Game editor
Most modern game engines come with a game editor to make the process of building the game more visual in nature.

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Introduction to Game Development
Michigan State University. Coursera. June 2016

Unity > The Main Windows > The Scene View

Tutorials > Interface & Essentials > The Scene View