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Beyond Books: Libraries Lend People

At a Human Library event at the Santa Monica Public Library, a police detective “book” talks to two “readers.”

Beyond Books: Libraries Lend Fishing Poles, Pans And People
August 13, 2013

“There are people in the community who say, ‘I’m an expert at electronics or plumbing. So put me in the catalog,’ ” says Barbara Stripling, president of the American Library Association.
She says locals tell libraries, ” ‘If somebody has a question that I can help answer, they can check me out.’ ”

Libraries that are loaning out people often refer to them as “human books.”
Sometimes they even leave off the word “human,” and give them catalog numbers.

Public libraries feature 3D printers

With Modern Makeovers, America’s Libraries Are Branching Out
September 01, 2013

Even though 3D printers cost about $4,000, a growing number of public libraries are making the investment.

The MLK Jr. Library has also created a “Dream Lab.”
The large space is pretty nondescript but, with all of the technology at your fingertips, the training they offer, the self-publishing opportunities, Kerelchuk is confident they will turn the library into a place where content is not just consumed but created.
“We’re giving the opportunity to entrepreneurs and tech start-ups and non-profits to come in and really start scaling their venture, their idea.