Gretchen McCulloch: ‘Because Internet’

Our Language Is Evolving, ‘Because Internet’
July 31, 2019


A Piece of My Mind > The Sound of Silence

A Piece of My Mind
The Sound of Silence—When There Are No Words
Melissa Red Hoffman, MD, ND
JAMA. 2019;322(2):117-118.

In this narrative medicine essay, a surgeon and palliative care physician describes the isolating silence that she felt … and how that lingering silence has come to guide her when sitting with patients, when there are no words.

Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz writes in her poem “Kaddish,” a tribute to her dead father:
“if I were to mourn properly
I would not be done.”

The Concept of Mass

The Concept of Mass – with Jim Baggott
The Royal Institution

… mass or weight, which I’m not differentiating between in this talk

the Higgs boson

quarksup and down quarks combine to form protons and electrons