Porsche: 80; Kia: 86; Jaguar: 93; Hyundai: 95

Kia, Hyundai rise, Japanese fall in J.D. Power quality study
June 17, 2015

Average problems per 100 vehicles of brand’s whole line:
Porsche 80
Kia 86
Jaguar 93
Hyundai 95
Infiniti 97
BMW 99
Chevrolet 101
Lincoln 103
Lexus 104
Toyota 104
Buick 105
Ford 107
Ram 110
Honda 111
Mercedes-Benz 111
Industry Average 112
Audi 115
GMC 115
Dodge 116
Volvo 120
Nissan 121


To Make Intersections Smarter …

To Make Intersections Smarter, We Need Cars To Be Smarter, Too
December 27, 2013

Car companies have already begun to design cars that can drive themselves.
But to make these smart cars really useful, they’ll also need smart roads.
Some computer scientists envision a smart traffic intersection. How smart? Well, it can keep traffic flowing at least 10 times faster than old-fashioned intersections.

Hitting The Road Without A Driver

Hitting The Road Without A Driver
August 19, 2013

The cars we drive have gotten ever more sophisticated. They can just about park themselves; they tell us if we’re drifting out of our lane; they can prevent skids. Some even automatically apply the brakes if they sense that a collision is imminent.

Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh are developing a car that can do all of those things and more — it can actually drive itself. Imagine that commute to work.

The car, developed with General Motors, is by all appearances a normal Cadillac SRX crossover. That’s by design, according to Jarrod Snider, the chief engineer on the project.

driverless car