Denis Raymond

Glioblastoma Multiforme – Denis’ Story
Oct 27, 2014

Update: (1 year ago) I am over two years since initial diagnosis, and I am doing very well… MRIs continue to show stability. I have all the energy I had pre-surgery, and then some. … the use of this device IN CONJUNCTION WITH temozolomide (the prescribed chemotherapy). It has shown to help primarily when it is in combination with another treatment.

Mother fights brain cancer with electric fields
Jun 2, 2015

Cancer patients’s survival time & insurance status

Influence of insurance status on survival of adults with glioblastoma multiforme: A population-based study
Xiaoming Rong MD, et al.
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Insurance status and disparities in disease presentation, treatment, and outcomes for men with germ cell tumors
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The Toxins of William B. Coley

Training The Immune System To Fight Cancer Has 19th-Century Roots
December 28, 2015

A novel immunotherapy drug is credited for successfully treating former President Jimmy Carter’s advanced melanoma. Instead of killing cancer cells, these drugs boost the patient’s immune system, which does the job instead.

Immunotherapy is cutting-edge cancer treatment, but the idea dates back more than 100 years, to a young surgeon who was willing to think outside the box.

The Toxins of William B. Coley and the Treatment of Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcomas
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NFL Player Beats Cancer

NFL Player Beats Cancer, Returns To The Field
September 17, 2015

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry played his first regular season NFL game last weekend, just 10 months after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Other professional athletes, such as hockey player Mario Lemieux and baseball player Jon Lester, have also recovered from lymphoma and resumed their careers.

Melanoma: Explosion Of New Cancer Treatments

Explosion Of New Cancer Treatments Presents A ‘Very Exciting Time’
August 20, 2015

with melanoma ’cause about five years ago, I would’ve said he has a prognosis of somewhere between six months to a year. But over the last five years, the treatments in melanoma have just exploded with really, really exciting new treatments that have changed that to a point that we actually don’t have a good estimate yet in terms of long-term prognosis will be.

Trying A Skin Cancer Drug To Treat A Brain Tumor

Why Doctors Are Trying A Skin Cancer Drug To Treat A Brain Tumor
March 26, 2015

Anselmo’s tumor had a BRAF mutation common in skin cancer, but very unusual for a brain tumor.

Her oncologist, David Hyman at Memorial Sloan Kettering, enrolled Anselmo into a new kind of drug trial. Called a basket trial, the study is designed to include people whose tumors have the same kind of genetic fingerprint regardless of where in the body the tumors are found.

Today, Anselmo is doing well. She’s been in the clinical trial for a year now, and continues to take Zelboraf (or vemurafenib generically) daily. The pills have kept her cancer from growing.

There are side effects, of course. She’s lost some peripheral vision, though she’s been able to compensate. And Zelboraf is expensive

After all the misfortunes she’s been through, it would be easy to think Anselmo has been incredibly unlucky. But she doesn’t see it that way. No, she says after rehearsing for her comeback show, “I’m the luckiest.”