Kevin MacLeod

Phantom from Space
June 5, 2015
by Kevin MacLeod
[used by: ]

Kevin Macleod
by kmmusic


Music for SCRATCH


Vento – Masked Heroes [frequently used]
a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, … released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse.

recommended by Coursera Music Technology {Oct. 2016}

the music is from [frequently used]

The music is from THEPIANOGUYS2 – Mission Impossible
(please visit
music and sound design

Sound effects:

Agentroop > Eeping Pandas
[used by: Sandbox
Pixel Town 2 ]
Glow by AgentRoop

fredmaster45 > Waves
[used by: ]
recommended by Scratch Brasil
Boundary Dissolution by Idle Sunder

Super Hexagon obtained sound from:
Math Fact Attack obtained sound from:

Apple’s Logic Pro
used by
whose music was used by uses

I used for music tracks

by Silverdroid

A beginner’s guide to Vector
May 18, 2015
{an exemplary instance}

Randoms Circles 100% PEN ✒
instrumental music

A beginner’s guide to Vector
{evokes elegance, fantasy, magic, tiptoeing in ballet}

Clubstep level

Let’s Pick Raspberries!
{a simple repeating background sound}

In Summer AMV

Saving Mars
Pixar for music (Inside Out theme song)
{action, speed, art}

3D Platformer Levels 1-4
made in FL Studio

How to: Sharpie Painting!
Chandelier – By Sia – Music Box Tribute