In Lumberjack Bars And Coffee Shops, Jewel Found Her Voice
September 12, 2015

“More and more people came and after a couple months, it was kind of packed,” Jewel says. “Three or four months more, it was standing room only and three or four months more, it was people spilling out and standing in the pouring rain just to watch me through a window.”

That’s when record labels took notice.

“When labels started coming down to see me and hearing about me, these limousines would show up and it was like being Cinderella,” she says. “It was an incredible thing and I ended up having a bidding war after me. Every single label in the entire country wanted to sign me. It was pretty incredible.”

She ended up signing with Atlantic Records. Her debut album, Pieces of You, was released in February of 1995.

“You realize that so much of success, whether it’s personal happiness or career, is really just about not giving up,” she says. “It’s about who has the grit to keep standing. And that’s what my life’s been about. It’s brought me to my knees again and again.


How Robert Patrick Became A Terminator

‘I Can Do This’: How Robert Patrick Became A Terminator
September 19, 2015

I just went, ‘I can do this.’ And he said, ‘That’s why you’re here, Robert.’

The T-1000 was Robert Patrick’s big break.

“You can fail, and I failed quite a few times. But you got to find faith in something. If you don’t, you’re going to live a life of, ‘I wish I woulda,’ ” he says.

“I’m not living that life of ‘I wish I woulda,’ I’m living the life that I wanted to live. And that’s the satisfaction that I carry with me everyday.”